SNIFFDRONE field measurements

Last week we performed the first field measurements of the SNIFFDRONE project. The fully equipped drone, i.e. carrying the custom electronic nose and the odor sampling device, was flown for several hours over a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the south of Spain. The e-nose signals and the GPS position were continously logged by the base station. Several odour samples were collected in Nalophan bags with the on-board sampling device for post-flight laboratory analysis. All the collected data will be analyzed in detail during the following weeks, to determine the odor composition of the different sources of the WWTP, identify which sensors respond better to the WWTP odors, and to develop a preliminar version of the e-nose quantification algorithms.

#<img src=”/img/sniffdrone-campaign/DSC_0150.jpg” alt="Drone in flight”

title="Drone in flight” width="600” height="400” />#

Stay tuned for more news on this project!

Javier Burgués
Javier Burgués
Technical Lead

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